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Clients Benefit from Intense Focus on Plastics

Martino Communications is the only agency totally focused on public relations for plastics clients. It draws on expertise in four fields of knowledge important for effective communications to clients’ customers and prospects:

1) plastics technology
2) public relations
3) editorial management
4) trade journalism

This unusual range of experience provides unique advantages for clients:

AN AGENCY WHERE ‘SYNERGY’ HAS REAL MEANING. Martino Communications knows plastics—the technologies, companies, associations, trade shows, press, ways of doing business, and key end-use industries. While this means that the agency will not waste your time asking basic questions, there is a much bigger advantage: Work done for other clients benefits your company too. Because all of its clients focus on plastics, the agency is continually apprised of industry trends and events that affect every client, as well as developments in your key markets.

COVERING THE ‘PLASTICS MEDIA UNIVERSE.’ Every client of Martino Communications looks for editorial coverage in the same core group of plastics media along with media serving the client’s special target markets. These media, several hundred industry publications and Web-based news services, make up the international “plastics press universe.” Martino Communications is in constant contact with its far-flung sectors and systematically monitors industry media worldwide, in print and on the Web. The agency works hard to discover not only when news of your company has been published but when upcoming opportunities for further coverage will present themselves.

UNEQUALED ACCESS TO THE PRESS. Every month, editors around the world receive news releases from the agency. Most have had contact with Bob Martino at trade shows, on the phone, or via email, and many communicate with him about stories they are working on. The Martino Communications database of editors and reporters—a proprietary treasury of hundreds of contacts in the industry press—is the largest and most up-to-date one in use.

PUBLIC RELATIONS WITH GLOBAL REACH. Most of Martino Communications’ clients market internationally and have done so for years. The agency has extensive experience in dealing with members of the press worldwide, provides PR support for clients exhibiting at overseas trade shows like K, Brasilplast, and Chinaplas, coordinates regularly with clients’ foreign sales agents, and is continually working with translators on press materials for Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Overseas subsidiaries of the agency’s U.S. clients rely on Martino Communications for PR support tailored to their regional needs.

HARD-WORKING, ACCOUNTABLE, AND FAIR. Martino Communications’ relationships with clients last for years. Clients cite many reasons. Bob Martino is always accessible and quick to respond. The agency meets deadlines and typically exceeds expectations in terms of effort and quality. And there are no rude surprises. Each month, Martino Communications provides the client with a precise activity report, copies of press clips, press-release distribution lists, and an invoice with expenses itemized and documented with receipts. Clients are billed solely for an agreed-upon fee, plus expenses. There are no commissions or mark-ups.