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Clients that Martino Communications serves or has served, and the focus of its work

Amoco Chemicals
[Projects, 1994-1996]
Feedstocks for PET and PEN Resins

[PR Agency, 1999-2001]
Vertical Insert Molding Machines

Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI)
[PR Agency & Customer Newsletter, 1995-Present]
Flat Dies for Film, Sheet, and Coatings

Fast Heat
[Projects, 2003-Present]
Hot Runners, Temperature Controls, Heating Elements and Sensors

Geon Company
[Projects, 1994-1996]
Rigid Vinyl Compounds

Maguire Products
[PR Agency and Online Newsletter, 1995-Present]
Blenders, Dryers, Loaders, Granulators

Messe Düsseldorf North America
[Consultancy and Newsletter for Prospective Medical-Market Attendees, 1994-1998]
K 1995 and K 1998 Trade Shows

Miles Polymers
[PR Agency, 1993]
Engineering Thermoplastics

National Plastics Center
[Pro-Bono PR Agency, 2002-2004]
Plastics Museum and Outreach Programs

NOVA Chemicals
[Consultancy, 2000-Present]
Polyolefin and Styrenic Resins

Plastics Academy
[PR Agency and Promotional Newsletters, 1994-1998]
The Plastics Hall of Fame

Plastics Pioneers
[Projects, 1993-Present]
Scholarship Program

Riverdale Color
[PR Agency, 2002-2004]
Liquid Colorants and Related Equipment

The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI)
[Commemorative Book, 1995-1996; Revision 2004]
NPE Trade Show

The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI)
[PR Agency for Trade Shows, 1998-Present]
NPE and Plastics USA Trade Shows

Teknor Apex / TPE Division
[PR Agency, 1997-2002]
Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds

Teknor Apex / Vinyl Division
[PR Agency and Customer Newsletter, 1997-Present]
Flexible Vinyl Compounds

Teknor Color Company
[PR Agency, 1997-Present]
Color Concentrates

[Two Customer Newsletters, 1994-1998]
Engineering Thermoplastics