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Here is a look at some of the clients that Martino Communications currently represents.  Click here for a full list of clients past and present.

Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC (EDI)

EDI is a leading designer and international supplier of flat dies and coextrusion systems for film, sheet, and coating.   Its customers include extrusion processors and web converters.  Founded in 1971, the company now grows more rapidly than ever on the strength of innovations such as its uniquely shaped Contour Die™ and its super-durable EverSharp™ die lip coatings. At its world headquarters in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A., EDI manufactures more than 500 dies and feedblocks a year, nearly half of them exported.  A subsidiary in Germany is the first in a planned series of regional manufacturing and service centers.

Martino Communications has been the PR agency of record for EDI since 1995.  The agency also provides complete editorial management of EDI Advances, a technical and promotional newsletter for customers whose first issue appeared in 1998.


Maguire Products, Inc.

Maguire is a global supplier of auxiliary equipment and software for raw material management in molding, extrusion, and compounding. Founded in 1977 as a builder of liquid color metering systems (it is still the leading supplier), Maguire revolutionized the way plastics processors dose and blend pellet and powder raw materials when it introduced the Maguire® Weigh Scale Blender™ in 1986.  More recently it has set out to completely transform resin drying with its LPD™ system, the first vacuum resin dryer. Headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., the company has five production facilities. Maguire subsidiaries in Europe and Asia provide regional sales service, technical support, and stocks of machinery and parts.

Martino Communications has been the PR agency of record for Maguire since 1995.  Recently, the agency developed Maguire Solutions, a full-color digital newsletter distributed to Maguire’s extensive worldwide network of sales personnel.  Maguire also posts this publication prominently on its website for customers to read or download. 


The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI) &

SPI is the trade association for the U.S. plastics industry and is the sponsor of the triennial NPE and Plastics USA trade shows.  Based in Washington, DC, SPI includes plastics processors, equipment builders, toolmakers, and raw material suppliers among its members.  Its NPE shows are world-scale events that fill the McCormick Place exhibition center in Chicago.  More than 2,000 companies exhibit, one-third of them coming directly from outside the United States.  The show is attended by more than 75,000 industry professionals from 100 countries. NPE alternates with Plastics USA, whose participants come largely from the Americas.

Martino Communications has been the PR agency of record for both SPI trade shows since 1998, when it began work on NPE 2000.  It represents the shows to the press, provides PR guidance to exhibitors, and works closely with SPI, its advertising agency, and other members of the show team on issues affecting promotion to prospective attendees.  PR work begins at the start of each three-year show cycle and proceeds without interruption to the show itself, where Martino Communications manages the Press Room.  Well over 300 editors and reporters come to Chicago to cover NPE. Pre- and post-show reports appear in publications and on news websites throughout the world. 

Martino Communications has also created the concept, graphic design, and text for a profusely illustrated 32-page booklet commemorating the 50th anniversary of the NPE show (in 1996), and for a revised and expanded 36-page edition marking the 60th anniversary (in 2006).  Based on extensive research by the agency, the booklet serves as a history not just of the show but of the plastics industry.


Teknor Apex Company / Vinyl Division

Founded in 1924, Teknor Apex is a privately held company with eight divisions and 2,000 employees.  It is headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, U.S.A., manufactures at 15 locations in the U.S. and overseas, and sells in 70 countries, serving plastics, rubber, and chemical markets. Teknor Apex pioneered in the development of flexible vinyl, and its Vinyl Division is a leading international supplier of these compounds, with strong positions in the appliance, automotive, construction, medical device, and wire and cable industries. The Division is committed to innovation and has developed new vinyl elastomers, vinyl/rubber alloys, enhanced-stability medical compounds, and lead stabilizer-free wire and cable formulations.

Martino Communications has been the PR agency of record for the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex since 1997 and has provided PR support for Singapore Polymer Corporation since its acquisition by Teknor Apex in 2001.  The agency also developed the concept for Vinyl Solutions, a customer newsletter whose first issue appeared in 1999.  Martino Communications provides complete editorial management for the publication.


Teknor Color Company

Teknor Color manufactures color concentrates, color/additive package formulations, and pre-colored compounds at five plants in the U.S.A.  A business unit of Teknor Apex Company, Teknor Color draws on more than half a century of experience in colorant technology and supplies products for use with commodity and engineering resins across the complete range of thermoplastic processes. Most recently, Teknor Color introduced PETek™ micro-bead concentrates, whose unique size, shape, and composition yield enhanced quality and reduced scrap in the production of PET bottles.

Martino Communications has been the PR agency of record for Teknor Color since 1997.  Areas where the agency has been especially active include product introductions and case histories involving rotational molding, wire and cable, high-efficiency and special-effect colorants, and the new PETek product line.