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Optigon™ System from Nordson BKG Uses Over 90% Less Energy than Standard Water Filtration Systems and Cuts Overall Pelletizer Power Usage by Nearly 10 to 17%

MÜNSTER, GERMANY, July 14, 2014: An innovative design for the system that removes dirt and fine particles from process water in underwater pelletizing drastically reduces power usage in water filtration and cuts overall pelletizer energy consumption by nearly 10 to 17%, it was announced today by Nordson BKG, which will introduce the design at Fakuma 2014 (Hall A6, Stand 6404).

The Optigon™ water filtration system eliminates need for a separate fines-removal sieve, which in standard systems requires a secondary, dedicated water pump. Instead, all filtration is provided by a Polygon™ drum filter, whose 70-micron screens are finer than the 150-micron screens used in standard systems. Driven by a small motor, the drum rotates within the water that is circulated throughout the pelletizing system by the main process water pump. The filtration system is designed so that dirt and fines stay confined inside the drum until they are evacuated into a collecting basin outside the tank.

By eliminating the secondary pump, the Optigon water filtration system uses only 1,440 KW per year (measured at 8,000 hours), as against 44,000 kW and 98,480 kW for the company’s Opti-Line™ and Poly-Line™ systems, respectively. Since water filtration typically accounts for 10 to 17% of the energy consumption in underwater pelletizing, the energy efficiency of the Optigon system means that overall consumption is cut by nearly that much.

“The Optigon system drastically reduces power consumption for process water filtration by, in effect, letting gravity do the work once done by a separate pump,” said Adam Cowart, global product manager for Nordson BKG. “This innovation is part of Nordson BKG’s program of continuous improvement to reduce environmental impact and increase energy efficiency.”

Optigon™ System Is the Latest in a Series of Energy-Saving Innovations

Other energy-saving measures developed by Nordson BKG are two that are available to customers as optional features: 1) complete insulation of the water system to prevent loss of heat to the workplace and serve as touch-protection for workers; and 2) insulation of the die plate heating flanges, ensuring a uniform temperature profile in the flow channels and retention of heat in the die plate, with energy savings of 30% compared with standard die plates.

“Motors used in our pelletizing systems already achieve the IE2 classification, which is designated as ‘High Efficiency,’” said Mr. Cowart. “Nordson BKG intends to increase energy efficiency to the IE3, or ‘Premium Energy,’ classification in the near future.”

Photo Captions: 1) Optigon™ water filtration system includes (left to right) Polygon™ drum filter and water tank, centrifugal pellet dryer, and plate-style heat exchanger. 2) Polygon™ drum filter, with white filter screens, is shown inside water tank.


Founded in 1994, Nordson BKG produces underwater pelletizing and drying systems and has installed its systems worldwide. Originally part of the Kreyenborg Group, it was acquired by Nordson Corporation in 2013. The Nordson BKG™ brand is headquartered in Münster, Germany. Tel: +49 (0)251 26501 0. Visit

Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) engineers, manufactures and markets differentiated products and systems used for the precision dispensing and processing of adhesives, coatings, polymers and plastics, sealants, biomaterials and other materials and for fluid management, test and inspection, UV curing and plasma surface treatment, all supported by application expertise and direct global sales and service. Nordson serves a wide variety of consumer non-durable, durable and technology end markets including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, appliances, energy, transportation, construction, and general product assembly and finishing. Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, the company has operations and support offices in more than 30 countries. Visit Nordson on the web at, or