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New Specialty Sarlink® TPVs and Monprene® TPEs Address Issues Where Competitive Materials like EPDM, PVC, and General-Purpose TPVs Commonly Fall Short

PAWTUCKET, RI, U.S.A., February 17, 2016: Teknor Apex Company has introduced four specialty thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for seals, gaskets, motor mounts, drain tubes, shock absorbers, feet, and other components of major appliances, expanding a diverse family of compounds for these “white goods” applications.

The new compounds include Sarlink® thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) and Monprene® TPEs. In addition to the new standard grades, Teknor Apex can develop custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements. All of the compounds are available worldwide.

New Specialty Sarlink® TPV Grades: Advantages over Traditional TPVs and EPDM

Teknor Apex’s general purpose thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) compounds, the Sarlink 4100 Series, have long been used in molded and extruded parts for clothes washers and dryers, exhibiting excellent elastic properties and resistance to detergents and bleach. The new specialty TPVs address issues faced by general purpose TPVs currently used in appliances. These new grades have been successfully tested by major-appliance OEMs.

---Sarlink 4160BW2 for dryer components. This is a heat-resistant 60 Shore A TPV for door seals, gaskets, and drum rollers. The compound exhibits no cracking or tackiness at temperatures up to 135 °C and excellent property retention after heat aging. It provides good elastic recovery for noise reduction and is abrasion resistant. Sarlink 4160BW2 is RoHS-compliant and designed for a UL 94 burn rating of HB.

---Sarlink 4145BW1 for dishwasher components. This 45 Shore A TPV for sump and pump seals, door gaskets, and motor mounts is stabilized to protect components from copper- and other metal-catalyzed degradation found in dishwashing. The compound withstands high water temperatures and is resistant to dishwasher soaps and detergents. Sarlink 4145BW1 is RoHS-compliant and designed for a UL 94 burn rating of HB.

“In applications like seals and gaskets, Sarlink® TPVs exhibit outstanding rubberlike performance and toughness while offering cost savings over EPDM rubber, both in initial processing and over the lifetime of the component.” said Brian Mulvany, senior market manager for the TPE Division of Teknor Apex. “The cost savings are attributable to the simpler processing and greater design freedom of thermoplastic elastomers, including ease of coextrusion or over-molding in sealing applications, resulting in part consolidation and less assembly. In addition, TPVs exhibit superior physical property retention after aging, which indicates improved long-term sealing performance.”

For customers seeking to replace EPDM for cost reduction or looking for a better alternative to their current TPV, Teknor Apex provides hands-on support, drawing on the resources of a best-in-class application development laboratory and offering local engineering assistance, including advice on materials, tooling, and processing.

New Monprene® TPEs: Advantages over Traditional TPVs and PVC

“Compared to traditional TPVs, Monprene TPEs introduce a new level of customization in major-appliances,” said Mr. Mulvany. He noted that Monprene compounds can be supplied in custom colors or be easily colored on-line. Because of their very light natural color, they take color better, providing a better match to the appliance manufacturer’s color palette. Also unlike TPVs, the gloss level of Monprene TPEs can be adjusted. They can be formulated to have a “grippy” feel, with a matte finish like TPV, or they can be smooth and glossy to match the look and feel of PVC.

“Monprene TPEs exhibit better compression set or resistance to deformation than PVC and better flexibility even at very low temperatures, ensuring a tighter seal,” said Mr. Mulvany. “They are less prone to fungal growth—an important advantage for appliance environments where food and moisture are commonly present. TPEs also offer more potential for weight savings because of their lower density, and, unlike PVC, they can be coextruded or over-molded with polypropylene, providing better seal performance.”

Both new Monprene grades can be processed by injection molding or extrusion and can be coextruded, two-component molded, or insert molded with polypropylene. The grades are:

---Monprene CP-37942 for washing machine components. This is a 42 Shore A TPE for door seals and gaskets. The compound provides a good surface appearance and a soft, flexible seal between metal and glass.

---Monprene RG-10170 for refrigerator and freezer components. This 70 Shore A TPE is made with FDA-compliant ingredients for food-contact uses and is formulated to pass NSF 51. It maintains flexibility even at low temperatures, making it an excellent candidate for kitchen appliances. Applications may include door gaskets, water dispenser and filter gaskets, drain tubes and seals, and motor mounts.


About Teknor Apex. Teknor Apex Company, a privately held firm founded in 1924, is one of the world’s leading custom compounders of plastics. Teknor Apex produces flexible and rigid vinyl, thermoplastic elastomers, nylons, color masterbatches, specialty chemicals, and hoses. The company is headquartered in Pawtucket, RI, U.S.A. and operates twelve facilities worldwide in the United States, the Netherlands, China and Singapore. To learn more visit:

The Thermoplastic Elastomer Division of Teknor Apex Company offers the broadest portfolio of TPE compounds available from a single source. The division compounds TPEs at eight locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia under the brands: Elexar® (electrical and electronics applications), Medalist® (medical devices), Monprene® (consumer and industrial products), and Sarlink® (transportation).

READER INQUIRY INFORMATION: Americas: Teknor Apex, 505 Central Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02861 U.S.A. Tel: 1-401-725-8000. Tel. from U.S. only: 1-866-GET-TPEs (1-866-438-8737). Fax: 1-401-728-5680. E-mail: Europe: Teknor Apex, Mijnweg 1, 6167AC, Geleen, Netherlands. Tel: 31 (0) 46-7020950. Email: Asia: Teknor Apex Asia Pacific, 41 Shipyard Road, Singapore 628134.