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Specialty Compounding Division Develops Proprietary Compounds and also Produces Compounds and Additive Blends for Other Raw Material Companies on a Toll Basis

JACKSONVILLE, TX, USA, January 17, 2011: Teknor Apex Company is installing a new production line for highly filled compounds, specialty alloys, and other advanced formulations, expanding the company’s ability to supply proprietary products to plastics processors and manufacture compounds for other suppliers on a toll basis, it was announced today by Stephan Pronovost, business director for the Specialty Compounding Division.

With a nominal annual capacity of 5 million lb. (2,275 metric tons), the new twin-screw compounding line will start up during the current business quarter and will be the third line for the Division operating at the Teknor Apex facility in Jacksonville. The line will have multiple feed options, pre- and post-drying capabilities, and the ability to handle a wide range of fillers and fiber reinforcements. Very high fiber or flame retardant loadings are possible, according to Pronovost.

“Versatility is a key advantage of the new Teknor Apex compounding line at Jacksonville,” said Pronovost “It will expand our capabilities to develop new custom formulations and to serve as an external resource for raw material companies looking to meet special customer requirements. The added capacity will be particularly valuable for adding to our portfolio of proprietary compounds based on polymer families other than those in which our sister divisions specialize.”

The Specialty Compounding Division has already developed proprietary polyolefin-based compound series, including mineral filled, glass reinforced, and flame-retardant product ranges, and it supplies specialty compounds for carbonated soft drink cap liners.

In addition to compounding lines, the Jacksonville facility also includes a Specialty Compounding Division facility for powder and additive blending of up to seven dry powders and two liquids. Additives that can be blended include antimicrobials, antistats, flame retardants, heat stabilitizers, impact modifiers, lubricants, mineral fillers, and UV stabilizers.

The Specialty Compounding Division also operates extrusion compounding lines at Brownsville, TN and accesses the capacity of other Teknor Apex plastics businesses at additional locations.


THE SPECIALTY COMPOUNDING DIVISION of Teknor Apex Company is a diversified custom and toll manufacturer of thermoplastic compounds and additive blends. It supplies proprietary compounds to plastics processors and serves as an outside source of production capacity, formulating experience, and process expertise for resin and additive suppliers. Headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, U.S.A., Teknor Specialty Compounding directly operates manufacturing capacity at two U.S. facilities and accesses the capacity of other Teknor Apex plastics businesses. Visit

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