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Choose from a Full Menu of PR Capabilities

No matter what level of PR service you are looking for, Martino Communications can meet your needs. Most clients rely on the agency for nearly all of the services listed here, but some simply ask for the occasional news release.  Martino Communications works hard for clients of all types and sizes. Here is what the agency can do for your company:


STRATEGY FOR BUILDING YOUR INDUSTRY PRESENCE.  Martino Communications provides consulting services from preparing comprehensive PR programs to recommending actions that address specific PR opportunities or problems.

PRESS MATERIALS THAT DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE.  Editors cite the professionalism, clarity, and informational value of news releases, backgrounders, and fact sheets from Martino Communications. The agency emphasizes the importance of prominently highlighting the customer benefits of a client’s product or service, not just the features that make it new. Martino Communications often discovers publicity potential in client activities that the client itself has not recognized as newsworthy. To document the extensive media use of its news releases, the agency monitors hundreds of industry publications and news websites from around the world, providing copies of the press mentions as part of its monthly reports to clients.  Click here for samples of recent news releases for clients of Martino Communications.

INCREASING YOUR RETURN ON TRADE-SHOW INVESTMENT.  No agency has more experience with plastics trade shows.  For clients planning to exhibit, Martino Communications begins working months in advance of the event, building booth traffic through pre-show publicity, preparing colorful and editor-friendly press kits with digital and print contents, and scheduling on-site interviews with the press at the show itself. 

YOUR ‘GO-TO’ PERSON FOR PRESS INQUIRIES.  Many clients prefer to have Bob Martino serve as the first contact for press inquiries because he understands the needs and preferences of trade journalists.  He responds to editor inquiries immediately and works with the client to ensure that the editor’s requests are met to the extent that this is possible.

PUTTING YOUR PEOPLE IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE PRESS.  Martino Communications has planned and coordinated successful press conferences, media tours, and editor visits.  These events provide maximum press visibility for product rollouts and build client-editor relationships whose value lasts for years.

PROACTIVE MEDIA RELATIONS FOR ADDED COVERAGE.  Martino Communications regularly contacts editors with story ideas or article submissions and monitors the worldwide press to identify opportunities for editorial coverage of its clients.  The agency has developed a searchable database of editorial features planned by publications serving the plastics and related industries worldwide.

ARTICLES FROM YOUR COMPANY THAT EDITORS WANT TO PUBLISH.  Martino Communications regularly prepares and places full-length, illustrated feature articles credited to clients.  These range from case studies to technical papers to backgrounders on a field in which the client has expertise. Editors readily accept these articles because their clarity and emphasis on facts rather than promotion makes them valuable to readers.

PREPARING CUSTOMER LITERATURE THAT SELLS.  Drawing on Bob Martino’s experience in producing a monthly magazine, Martino Communications prepares full-color, professionally designed newsletters for clients, in accordance with the principle that clear explanations and useful facts and data sell more product than claims alone.  These publications promote the client and its products while still delivering valuable information, often in the form of technical articles that the industry press sees fit to reprint.  Martino Communications works with a client to develop an issue “menu,” then takes charge of research, writing, approvals, securing photography, editing, and working with the art director.  In addition to newsletters, the agency applies these editorial capabilities in the preparation of brochures and other marketing literature. Click here for samples of customer literature prepared by Martino Communications.